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Top 5 Performing Pet Affiliate Programs on SAS

I have compiled the top 5 performing affiliate programs in SAS this week, all of which have a 7-day program EPC (earnings per click) average earning of over $100.

EPC =  the total amount of commissions you earn divided by the number of clicks your affiliate links had

Monster Insights

Purrfect Fence

A relatively new pet affiliate program in SAS (December 2022), owned by PYP Holdings LLC. Purrfect Fence is an outdoor cat enclosure (a growing product as more municipalities create bylaws against free-roaming cats) and products with a high order value. This is a program affiliate partners can get excited to promote despite the low commission rate of 3.5%. They include lifestyle images and three evergreen promotions that new partners can promote right away. Last week their EPC was over $200.

Koha Pet

Koha Pet has hit the ground running with their Keto/low-carb dog food brand, they recently launched their pet affiliate program in April so their performance may move around over the next few weeks but if their first month is any indicator this is a pet affiliate program that partners in the pet niche community should place at the top of their list for content creation. Their conversion rate is really impressive at over 65%! They have an average order value (AOV) of $105 and last week’s 7-day EPC topped $240. Their high conversion rate is likely caused by a lower number of clicks as a new program – but it is a program to watch!

Impact Dog Crates

Impact Dog Crate’s AOV of over $1,200, a 45-day cookie duration, and a 10% commission rate places them at the top of the pack for affiliate partners looking to promote dog crate systems into their content calendars. Last week their program EPC exceeded $220. Their products are unique (collapsible) and they offer their affiliate partners opportunities for product sampling and insider news and encourage content creation. They have a great, healthy conversion rate as well (2.56%).

Pet Pharm Canada

PetPharm Affiliate Program

It’s great to see a Canadian company’s pet affiliate program break the top 5 in performance. Their affiliate program has been live since 2021 and their 16% conversion is outstanding! When I see numbers like this I dream about having the opportunity to deep dive into their program analytics. Last week their program EPC hit $200.

What is an average conversion rate for an affiliate program? The industry standard ranges from 0.5% to 1%.

Super Metrics

Pet Supplies Plus

Pet Supplies Plus Affiliate Program

Pet Supplies Plus offers an AOV of just over $65 but with a commission rate of 15% and a conversion rate of over 19% their affiliate partners are doing great and their Program EPC was just over $170 last week. When I see numbers like this I have to check to see if they are actively managing their coupon partners. They do have program terms for coupon affiliates but it looks like some policing needs to happen as a quick search for “pet supplies plus coupons” shows some breaches of their program terms. Once they follow up on compliance you should see their numbers come down.