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Purr-fect Partnerships: Cat Product Affiliate Programs

Have you noticed that so many more dog products and companies offer affiliate partner programs compared to affiliate programs for cat products?

Find cat product affiliate programs.

I have been busy scouring the internet looking for brands that are successfully promoting their cat products through affiliate programs after chatting with a cat accessories brand founder this week who wanted to learn more about how to launch an affiliate program for their cat accessory company. As I work through creating a resource for cat influencers and bloggers looking for affiliate programs to partner with, you can expect to see this post grow with new cat product affiliate programs.

Litter Robot

Litter Robot is a leading cat product affiliate program that can be found on the Ascend (PepperJam) Partner Affiliate Network. Their base commission is 8% for new customers only. “Referred customer is not a past or present customer, meaning he or she must not have previously registered …” at any of their website properties. Their affiliate program terms are quite restrictive, so read the fine print.

Smalls Fresh Cat Food Delivery

Smalls Cat Food was created in 2017 by Matt Michaelson and Calvin Bohn and has steadily grown. Cats love their high-protein USDA-certified fresh cat food, which is sustainably and humanely harvested. Their cat product affiliate program is hosted through Impact, and they offer a 35% commission on their trial registration.

Impact doesn’t list many stats for their affiliate programs, making it hard for affiliate partners to determine a program’s AOV or conversion rates. However, their 30-day EPC is listed as only $0.47. (as of 7/16/2023.) I found some stats that implied they previously hosted on Refersion with a much higher 30-day EPC. This program looks as though it could be a good opportunity for cat influencers and pet affiliate partners wanting to promote cat affiliate programs; I would suggest reaching out directly to Smalls if you have additional questions about Impact’s low EPC stats.


Hepper’s affiliate program is an in-house program hosted by Post Affiliate Pro. Their website blog states that their commission rate is between 8-10%, an average commission for pet products; however, their sign-up page states their commission base is 12% with an average order size of $60.00. They are a cat-specific merchant offering free shipping, which will help boost conversion rates.

Holista Pet – cat CBD treats

If you have a solid round-up of cat CBD treats with traction and sales, I suggest contacting Holista Pet’s affiliate team, as they are open to negotiating placements and rates according to their listings. Finding accurate information about their program is challenging.

The affiliate signup page on their website lists a 35% commission rate which is a fantastic affiliate commission for a cat program. However, their listing on states 15% and 25% in another location. Like wellness products for humans, you can usually expect Pet wellness products to have a higher commission rate.

Jackson Galaxay

Cat people love Jackson Galaxy. I bet you could call his followers and customers cat people groupies. If you have a fun and upbeat cat personality, you will enjoy partnering with Jackson Galaxy as an affiliate partner. Their cat product affiliate program has an average base commission of 8% and a lower AOV, but their brand stands out and would be fun to promote.

They offer their partners new promotions each month to promote and are open to negotiating terms and placements with certain publishers. You can find their cat affiliate program on Ascend.

Tuft + Paw

If you are a cat person looking for affiliate programs to work with, Tuft + Paw should be on your list. You should even consider moving them up your list. Their cat product affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale and offers a competitive 12% commission rate. Their product lines hosts two top cat products: cat furniture and cat litter. Tuft + Paw products are unique, modern, and a hit with cat owners and home decorators. Their AOV is over $100, and their conversion rate is above industry standards.

Modern Cat Magazine

A fun and informative magazine for cat lovers. Modern Cat’s affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale and offers a 25% commission for magazine subscriptions.

Kit Nip Box

Kit Nip Boxes is a fun monthly subscription for cat owners. Their program is hosted on ShareASale and offers a base rate of 5%