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Examples of socially conscious eCommerce brands

59% of people buy goods or services from companies they consider socially responsible according to the 2018 Conscious Consumer Spending Index. While all eCommerce stores face challenges with shipping and environmental impact many embrace other forms of ethical commerce such as ethical product sourcing, fair wages, and social giving. Here are a few examples of socially conscious eCommerce brands I enjoyed learning about this week.

Thrive Market

Featuring ethical and sustainable goods, Thrive Market also focuses on recyclable- compostable packaging and zero-waste warehouses. Their membership is affordable (just $5 a month) and their members are committed to their individually designed boxes of sustainable and healthy food products. Thrive Market also sponsors families in need.

Thrive Markets membership-based online marketplace features a variety of ethical brands.

Green Toys

Toys may not come to mind when you think about conscious products but Green Toys has shown that thoughtful purchasing goes beyond fashion and food. Their line of creative play products for children is made of 100% recycled milk jugs and the packaging is eco-friendly.

Green Toys’ line of creative play products are made of 100% recycled products.

Free Label

A Canadian company creating fashion basics from natural fibers in both Vancouver and Toronto supporting local economies. Limiting environmental impact and supporting human rights Free Label is an outstanding example of a thoughtful and socially conscious fashion brand.

Free Label is a Canadian brand committed to socially conscious practices.

Featured image credit Photo by Reka Marincsak on Unsplash